J.S. Bach Adaptations: Piano Transcriptions By Walter Rummel

J.S. Bach Adaptations: Piano Transcriptions By Walter Rummel

巴哈為巴洛克時期的德國作曲家,傑出的管風琴、小提琴、大鍵琴演奏家,豐富的德國音樂風格和嫻熟的復調技巧,集成了巴洛克音樂風格的精華。精選巴哈著名作品,由主要在法國進行音樂活動的德國鋼琴家Walter Rummel 隆梅爾,瓦特改編為鋼琴曲。

出版社: Chester Music
商品編號: CH74866
作 者: Johann Sebastian Bach
編訂者: Walter Rummel
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This collection of Rummel's J.S. Bach 'adaptations' for the Piano presents twelve titles from the original twenty-five originally published by J & W Chester between 1922 and 1938, demonstrating a range of styles from the contemplative Liebster Jesu, Wir Sind Hier to the uninhibited Sturze zu Boden. A close friend of Debussy, Rummel belonged to a younger generation of leading composers, leading a trend away from previous Keyboard transcribers, established by Busoni, Liszt, Reger and others who concentrated on adapting Bach's Organ works rather than the Vocal music.
This vibrant collection is suitable for intermediate to advanced pianists but will be of interest to all who enjoy Bach's music for Keyboard.

Born in Berlin to a diversely creative family, Walter Rummel (1887 - 1953) was surrounded by art and music from an early age. He came from a pedigree of distinguished musicians, his family home a favoured meeting place for musicians and artists alike. His great grandfather, Christian Rummel (1787 - 1849) was director of the court orchestra at Wiesbaden for Duke Wilhelm of Nassau and his maternal grandfather, Samuel Morse (1791 - 1892), the American painter and inventor of the telegraph.

Song List:

  • Our Father In Heaven
  • Mortify Us By Thy Grace
  • Blessed Jesus, Here We Stand
  • What God Hath Done, Is Rightly Done
  • Hurl Them Down Headlong
  • We Hasten To Thee, With Feeble But Eager Feet
  • The Rushing Of The Raw Winds
  • Thy Name, Like Unto The Sun
  • Ah! How Ephemeral, How Transitory Is Man's Life!
  • Esurientes Implevit Bonis (Magnificat)
  • From Heaven High, I Come To Thee
  • Through Affliction We Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven

古典作曲家Bach J.S 巴哈(巴赫)
外型尺寸大於A4 樂譜常用尺寸