57 Classic Period Songs , Medium-High Voice Edition

57 Classic Period Songs , Medium-High Voice Edition

精選57首古典時期「海頓、莫札特、貝多芬」及較少為人知作曲家歌曲選集。Medium High Voice

出版社: Kalmus
原文書名: 57 Classic Period Songs Medium High Voice
商品編號: K02242
編訂者: Van A. Christy and Carl Zytows
系列名稱: Kalmus Edition
庫存狀況: 缺貨
NT1,118 NT950
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Song List: ‧Adelaide by Beethoven ‧Ballad by Gretry ‧Beneath a Weeping Willow's Shade by Hopkinson ‧Christmas Song by C‧P‧E‧ Bach ‧Christmas Song of the Shepherds by Schubart ‧Contentment by Mozart ‧Courage by Reichardt ‧Country Joy by Haydn ‧Dearest Maiden Her My Song by Anon‧ ‧Despair by Haydn ‧Equals by Haydn ‧Eulogy by Neefe ‧Evening Thoughts of Laura by Mozart ‧Farewell by Mozart ‧Give Me Your Promise by Mozart ‧Glory of God in Nature by Beethoven ‧Great Creator by Mozart ‧I Love You by Beethoven ‧In Praise of Laziness by Haydn ‧In Yon Dark Tomb by Beethoven ‧Journeyman's Song by Mozart ‧Joyful and Fearful by Beethoven ‧The Kiss by Beethoven ‧Life Is a Dream by Haydn ‧Longing by Beethoven ‧Longing for Spring by Mozart ‧The Lovely Night by Reichardt ‧Lullaby by Anon‧ ‧Mignon by Beethoven ‧My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free by Hopkinson ‧My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair by Haydn ‧New Love, New Life by Beethoven ‧None But the Longing Heart by Zelter ‧Ode by Sack ‧The Old Woman by Mozart ‧The Parting by Beethoven ‧Piercing Eyes by Haydn ‧A Prayer by Beethoven ‧Prayer by C‧P‧E‧ Bach ‧Restless Love by Zelter ‧Serenade by Neefe ‧She Never Told Her Love by Haydn ‧Song for Frau von Weissenthurn by Beethoven ‧Song of May by Beethoven ‧Song of Penitence by Beethoven ‧Song of Spring by Haydn ‧The Sorcerer by Mozart ‧The Spirit's Song by Haydn ‧Summer Night by Gluck ‧To Chloe by Mozart ‧To the Distant Beloved by Beethoven ‧The Tree of Love by Zumsteeg ‧A Very Commonplace Story by Haydn ‧The Violet by Mozart ‧Virtue and Beauty by Haydn ‧When Louise Burned the Letters from Her Untrue Lover by Mozart ‧The Wanderer by Haydn

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