Rachmaninoff【Complete Songs】for Voice and Piano

Rachmaninoff【Complete Songs】for Voice and Piano

俄國作曲家、指揮家及鋼琴演奏家拉赫曼尼諾夫「71 Complete Songs」for Voice and Piano。

出版社: Dover
原文書名: Complete Songs for Voice and Piano
商品編號: 9780486401959
作 者: Sergei Rachmaninoff
系列名稱: Dover Edition
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 Rich collection of 71 compositions, including some of the most hauntingly beautiful passages in vocal literature. Exciting treasury of glorious songs — Opp. 4, 14, 21, 26, 34, and 38 — have been reproduced from authoritative sources in a convenient, one-volume edition; most lyrics in Russian (Cyrillic) with English translations.Reprint of S. Rachmaninoff: Songs with Piano Accompaniment, A. Gutheil, Moscow, 1922 edition.

Song List: ‧"Oh, Stay, My Love, Forsake Me Not!" From Op.4, mezzo/baritone ‧Morning From Op.4, contralto/bass ‧In The Silent Night From Op.4, mezzo/baritone ‧"Oh, Never Sing To Me Again" From Op.4, soprano/tenor ‧The Harvest Of Sorrow From Op.4, soprano/tenor ‧"So Many Hours, So Many Fancies" From Op.4, soprano/tenor ‧The Water Lily From Op.8, soprano/tenor ‧"Like Blossom Dew-Freshen'd To Gladness" From Op.8, mezzo/baritone ‧Brooding From Op.8, mezzo/baritone ‧The Soldier's Wife From Op.8, mezzo ‧A Dream From Op.8, soprano/tenor ‧A Prayer From Op.8, soprano ‧"I Wait For Thee" From Op.14, soprano/tenor ‧The Little Island From Op.14, soprano/tenor ‧"How Few The Joys" From Op.14, contralto/bass ‧"I Came To Her" From Op.14, messo/baritone ‧Midsummer Nights From Op.14, soprano/tenor ‧"The World Would See Thee Smile" From Op.14, mezzo/baritone ‧"Believe It Not!" From Op.14, soprano/tenor ‧"O, Do Not Grieve For Me" From Op.14, ‧"As Fair As Day In Blaze Of Noon" From Op.14, mezzo/baritone ‧Love's Flame From Op.14, contralto/bass ‧Spring Waters From Op.14, soprano/tenor ‧"Tis Time!" From Op.14, contralto/bass ‧Fate From Op.21, mezzo/baritone ‧By The Grave From Op.21, contralto ‧Twilight From Op.21, soprano/tenor ‧The Answer From Op.21, soprano/tenor ‧The Lilacs From Op.21, soprano ‧Loneliness From Op.21, soprano ‧"How Fair This Spot" From Op.21, soprano ‧On The Death Of A Linnet From Op.21, mezzo/baritone ‧Melody From Op.21, soprano/tenor ‧Before The Image From Op.21, mezzo ‧"No Prophet I" From Op.21, soprano ‧Sorrow In Springtime From Op.21, soprano ‧The Heart's Secret From Op.26, mezzo ‧"All Once I Gladly Owned" From Op.26, mezzo ‧"Come, Let Us Rest" From Op.26, contralto ‧Two Partings (A Dialogue) From Op.26, baritone and soprano ‧"Beloved, Let Us Fly" From Op.26, tenor ‧"The Christ Is Ris'n!" From Op.26, mezzo ‧To The Children From Op.26, mezzo ‧"Thy Pity I Implore!" From Op.26, tenor ‧Let Me Rest Here Alone From Op.26, tenor ‧"Before My Window" From Op.26, soprano ‧The Fountains From Op.26, tenor ‧"Night Is Mournful" From Op.26, tenor ‧"When Yesterday We Met" From Op.26, mezzo ‧The Ring From Op.26, mezzo ‧"All Things Depart" From Op.26, mezzo - orginal: baritone ‧The Muse From Op.34, soprano/tenor ‧The Soul's Concealment From Op.34, contralto ‧The Storm From Op.34, soprano/tenor ‧"Day To Night Comparing Went The Wind Her Way" From Op.34, soprano/tenor ‧Arion From Op.34, soprano/tenor ‧The Raising Of Lazarus From Op.34, contralto/bass ‧"So Dread A Fate I'll Ne'er Believe!" From Op.34, mezzo ‧Music From Op.34, mezzo ‧The Poet From Op.34, mezzo ‧The Morn Of Life From Op.34, soprano/tenor ‧"With Hold Banner Firmly Held" From Op.34, contralto/bass ‧"What Wealth Of Rapture" From Op.34, soprano/tenor ‧Discord From Op.34, soprano ‧Vocalise From Op.34, soprano/tenor ‧"In My Garden At Night" From Op.38, soprano/tenor ‧To Her From Op.38, soprano/tenor ‧Daisies From Op.38, soprano/tenor ‧The Pied Piper From Op.38, soprano/tenor ‧Dreams From Op.38, soprano/tenor ‧"A-Oo" (The Quest) Ffrom Op.38, soprano/tenor

古典作曲家Rachmaninoff, S. 拉赫曼尼諾夫
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