Vivaldi【Complete Sonatas】for Violoncello and Basso continuo , RV 39 - 47

Vivaldi【Complete Sonatas】for Violoncello and Basso continuo , RV 39 - 47


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原文書名: Vivaldi Complete Sonatas for Violoncello and Basso continuo RV 39 - 47
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作 者: Vivaldi, Antonio
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This scholarly-critical edition is based on all the known sources, whether printed or handwritten, that have come down to us for these frequently played pieces. By closely scrutinizing the source material, the editor has arrived at interesting findings that considerably differ from earlier editions of these works. Rather than taking as her principal source Le Clerc’s 1740 print of Sonatas I to VI – an edition probably made without the composer’s consent – the editor has examined the Naples and Wiesentheid manuscripts prepared under Vivaldi’s direct supervision.
 The editor has also managed to identify a previously unknown source for Sonata RV 44. All departures from the sources in the printed text and all editorial additions are listed in the critical report. Cellists are thus given ready access to every alternative reading, including deleted bars and the many inevitable variants in articulation. A detailed preface provides essential information on sources and their assessment , with a section on performance practice offering valuable suggestions on interpretation.

•Vorwort •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata I, RV 47 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata II, RV 41 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata III, RV 43 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata IV, RV 45 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata V, RV 40 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata VI, RV 46 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata VII, RV 44 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata VIII, RV 39 •Composer / Author: Vivaldi, Antonio  Sonata IX, RV 42 •Kritischer Bericht

古典作曲家Vivaldi, A. 韋瓦第
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